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What experts say about High Tech with Low Risk

"I am confident that you will find this book to be rewarding and educational. The writer's style is effective, it is fun to read, and it comes to an end too soon."

Robert Davis, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

"Your High Tech with Low Risk book is a refreshingly BS-free, common sense work. Congratulations!"

Carsten Thomsen, VP of Engineering, National Instruments Corporation

"John has successfully practiced high tech entrepreneurship in difficult environments, and he knows his subject. I highly recommend the book."

Richard LeFaivre, Vice President, Silicon Graphics

"The best of 50 books I have read on how to set up and run a technical business is High Tech with Low Risk by John D. Trudel."

Henry Lahore, Technical Staff, Boeing Corporation

"Trudel identifies the fine line between winners and losers . . . and gives examples of both. Readable, full of cogent examples. I recommend it to all of my clients."

Joyce Lekas, President, Joyce Lekas Public Relations, Silicon Valley

Here's what they say about Trudel's Upside columns

"I find his point of view refreshing and invigorating. He declines to fall into the trap that many consultants do -- in which they merely recycle tired truisms from the past. Instead, John strips away the old ideas and presents issues in ways that are truly compelling for our time."

Karen Southwick, Executive Editor, Upside      

"Your commentary . . . is one of the best management articles I have read in a long time. I am working toward a Master's Degree and subscribe to six computer and business magazines, so I read many."

David Gross, Coopers and Lybrand        

"I remember the article you wrote in Upside (on downsizing) and thought it made a lot of sense. I don't see how people can build successful organizations when they don't recognize the real value of its people and their ideas."

Bill Parzybok, Chairman and CEO, Fluke Corporation    

"As our predecessors knew all too well, the creation of value is a long term process requiring commitment, investment, and unrelenting hard work. Americans need to be challenged to live up to their heritage. Your articles help to achieve that by pointing out in hard, quantitative terms, the dangerous stupidity of current thinking. I thank you."

Jonathan T. Hujsak, President, Tyrian Corporation      

"Excellent article . . . If you can develop the solutions further, you'll have something that will far exceed even In Search of Excellence's sales and fame."

Sid Mehta, President, Foremost Systems           

Here's what they say about Trudel's Electronic Design columns

*** Formerly run as Tales From a Skunk Works, now known as Trudel to Form ***

"John has always had a rock-solid base of support among our readers. The core of his message, I believe, is that the companies that succeed over the long haul are focused on creating value, not on cutting something (whether it be corners or people)."

Jack Shandle, Managing Editor, Electronic Design         

"Walked your articles right into my Congressman. Kept him updated at the drop of each article. Thank you for serving our engineering and inventing readers."

Allen Kelly, Manager, Hobart Brothers                             

"I am eager to meet the tomorrow you imply would happen if managers would only get out of the box with their thinking."

Dan Novinger, Engineer, Rockwell Collins                       

"Thanks for your periodic ED column and your book, both of which have the absolute zing of truth in every paragraph. I want more!"

Doug Raymond, Engineer, Teradyne                               

"Thank you for your courage and willingness to share with us some things of great importance. Your insight into creativity, technological excellence, and being more competitive has been very valuable to me also."

Emil Hahn, Director of Systems Technology, Nanotek Computer Corp.    

Here is what they say about The Trudel Group's Lectures and workshops

"We are always pleased to feature John Trudel as a guest speaker. John is one of the most practical, down-to-earth, big thinkers I have ever met. His scope of vision is incredible; his fearlessness in confronting business absurdities is legend; and he is one of the wittiest speakers you will ever hear."

Ronald F. Ennis, President, Pathways, Inc.                  

"When John Trudel speaks - or writes - I listen up. You should, too!"

Robert A. Pease, Engineer, National Semiconductor

"John's in-house Workshop was well attended by Cray's design and manufacturing engineers -- John helped us to articulate our agreements and pinpoint the highest leverage areas for focusing our future cooperative efforts. His broad industry experience provided both perspective and a fountain of inspiration."

Mary Beth Rogers, former Sr. Director of Manufacturing, Cray Research Superservers

"Thank you for your clear and insightful lecture that has expanded and clarified my view of the role of high technology companies in America. I feel that I can apply many of these ideas to my own business activities."

Frank Baylin, President, ConSol Network, Inc.             

"John Trudel's lectures cut to the quick of what is critical in new product development and entrepreneurship in today's internationally competitive markets."

Robert J. Calcaterra, Director, Boulder Technology Incubator         

"John draws from his vast experience as well as the experience of other successful entrepreneurs and businesses to help you succeed. His lectures are on target, from New York to Tokyo and from hardware to software."

Bill Sessa, Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs              

"I got a terrific appreciation for the art of technology development from a business and organizational viewpoint."

Bill Grinstein, Manager of Technology Transfer, Battelle Laboratories           

"Trudel provides excellent insight into structurally organizing teams to deal with the challenges of today's markets."

Dale Jones, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Energy            

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