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Updates in the Fall of 2010
Excellent Post Climategate Column (Dr. Gordon Fulks)
The Economic Suicide Bill (Cap and Trade, energy rationing and taxation)

GLOBAL WARMING: The hottest looming policy issue in America (and perhaps the world) is driven by climate confusion. Intense politicalFat Al propaganda based on a fraud  (Agenda 21) started by a socialist named Maurice Strong at the UN in 1992, and popularized by Al Gore's movies and books, is inspiring fear of man-made Global Warming causing imminent planet-wide apocalypse. In the literature Gore's theory is known as "Dangerous Anthropogenic Global Warming," DAGW. Those critical of Gore's assertions and "science" have been personally attacked, censored, and threatened: Skeptics are called "Deniers."  rainball Enormous sums are being spent to corrupt science and further Gore's propaganda. rainball The IPCC's scary climate models do NOT match what is happening. Gore's theory is false.

In the 1950s most Americans feared a nuclear holocaust; today many fear an accidental, irreversible environmental disaster of biblical proportions. The political intensity is extreme. This political "heat" is real, fueled and funded by Carbon Cap and Trade legislation. The goal is trillions of dollars in Carbon Taxes to fund big government, enable UN "global governance" and wealth redistribution from successful nations to the third world, and allow the creation of an entirely new national and global tax system. Wall Street Journal reports Obama plans to "ease" his major tax increases with wealth redistribution (refundable tax credits).

A few firms (and Al Gore) will prosper from crony capitalism funded by taxpayer dollars -- using public policy to line their own pockets, but most Americans will lose. The Green Nirvana is our being like India: poor, polluted, and not having access to electricity. The cost of Cap and Trade is extreme. Abundant energy is human life. Waxman-Markley flunks Math: America without adequate energy (oil, clean coal, natural gas, and nuclear) will be grim and impoverished.

Global Warming certainly exists and so does Global Cooling. The "official" data (Source: IPCC, pre-Climategate scandal) shows about 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit of Global Warming over the past 100 years (0.08 degrees/decade) as we recovered from the Little Ice Age of the 19th century. The warmest years occurred during the dust bowl in the 1930s. There has been no global warming for the past ten years. Since 2001 our planet has been cooling slightly. Also, there is no empirical evidence (none) linking Global Warming to man-made CO2. The costs of Cap and Trade are astronomical, and the government's cost estimates are in question.

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Obama's "climate crisis" looks every day in every way more like ancient astrology or a cult than real science. Dr. Tim Ball quips, "Global warming is just another unfulfilled government promise." Climate of Extremes is a treasure trove of scientific data about this great hoax.  Many report the US Government is gaming the data. Congress is alarmed about a Carbongate cover up (more; still more). Why isn't this getting media coverage and investigative reporting? Obama's radical Czars are rewriting science, and his administration is promoting legislation that allows totalitarian control of the country justified by Gore's "climate crisis."

What's going on here? Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis?

Google Climategate -- Huge News: the largest Science Fraud in History is now exposed (though still being whitewashed and suppressed). The IPCC is a UN political committee, not a scientific body. It's head stands to make almost as much off Global Warming as Gore, and the fraud committed makes Bernie Madoff's scam insignificant -- at least $79 Billion U.S. taxpayer dollars alone!!!

Here are some good summaries of what the sequence of Climategate scandals (Climategate I at CRU in Britain, Climategate II at Federal Agencies in the U.S., Glaciergate at IPCC, etc.) have revealed. Summary Summary by an Astronaut. Short Speech. Interesting (rare) ABC interview.

The State of Fear The Greatest Scam

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  July 4, 2010 Newsletter -- Special issue, God Bless America.

The Skeptics Handbook -- Short, simple and easy to understand. Written for reporters and educators, and used in Australian High Schools. Even politicians should be able to understand this basic treatment. Think of it as "Global Warming for Dummies."

NIPCC Report 2009 -- Hard science by experts, the report that refutes IPCC's claims.

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Here are some good web sites and books:  

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ENERGY POLICY: During the political campaigns of 2007-2008 we did extensive research into Energy Policy issues. The results were hopeful. What was recommended and reported over five newsletters was a three-part strategy:

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