Who is John D. Trudel? What makes him unique?

hire johnAccording to the 1990 census about 250 Million people live in the United States. As of 1995 over 10 million were service providers of some type, of which 8.3 million (7% of the workforce) were independent contractors.

Fewer than 3,000 have been granted Certified Management Consultant status. Still fewer, less than 1,000, have been approved as Professional Consultants to Management. Those designated to carry both certifications are quite rare, numbering less than 100. Only 37 of those certified as CMCs have been deemed qualified in the areas of General Management and Research and Development and Marketing. Of these, two are Judges, National Examiners, or Board Members for the Product Development and Management Association.

Of these, only one defines his practice as "business innovation." That person is John D. Trudel. John works at the cutting edge where technology and strategy come together. He helps his clients exploit innovation to create unique business value.

He is Founder and Managing Director of The Trudel Group (TTG), a high technology business development consulting firm that he established in 1988. TTG's clients range from new ventures to Fortune 100 companies such as Intel and Lexmark. Trudel's consultancy centers on business innovation as defined by Sony's visionary founder, Akio Morita. He helps clients fit strategy, technology, market need, and implementation together in uniquely valuable ways. Selecting a Consultant.

John D. Trudel, the "business innovation guru"

John D. Trudel is the Founder and Managing Director of The Trudel Group (TTG), a consulting firm that he established in 1988. John's work centers on "business innovation" helping clients fit strategy, technology, market need, and implementation together in uniquely valuable ways.

Johns clients are worldwide, but his practice is limited to businesses that derive value from technology. He helped Intel plan the "P6," a breakthrough that set the foundation for their blockbuster Pentium II and III processors. He later helped them with Internet technology strategy and other endeavors. He has given strategic innovation seminars for many clients including Daimler Chrysler, Hewlett Packard, and the Institute for International Research. He advised the respected Portland patent law firm, Marger Johnson, on strategies for eCommerce and business expansion. He helped the Washington DC based Alliance for American Innovation defend the U.S. patent system from bad legislation. John is recognized as an expert in coupling strategic policy to Intellectual Property and a national leader in keeping influence peddling out of IP law.

Johns long-running popular columns, "Tales from a Skunk Works" and "Trudel to Form" for Electronic Design magazine, and "Management Insights" for Upside, received wide acclaim. He now writes "Innovation in Sight" for the IEEE Engineering Management Review. John is the author of High Tech with Low Risk and Engines of Prosperity. He lectures and gives keynote speeches on innovation and Information Age business.

John has been interviewed on technology topics by media from BBC to Electronic Business to Wall Street Journal. He has written for IEEE Spectrum, American Electronics Association, EDN news, Barrons, and many others. He holds a BEE (cum laude) from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MSEE from Kansas State University, where he also did the course work for the Ph.D. EE. He received graduate level business training at Stanford, UCLA, and Columbia Universities. He has taught graduate level courses on information-age business and technology management.

John enjoyed a successful early career as a technology innovator for Collins Radio Company, Sanders Associates, LTV E-Systems and others. He enjoyed a long career at Tektronix where he played key roles in business venturing and new product development for several company divisions and as Business Development Manager for Tek's corporate research laboratories. He has been a principal in four successful high tech ventures and an advisor or board member for several more.

John is a member of the American Management Association, Who's Who, and many other professional organizations. He has been Certified both as a Management Consultant and a Professional Consultant to Management. He's been a judge for Product Development Management Associations prestigious national "Outstanding Corporate Innovator" award and a national board member for PDMA. He has worked in high technology business for over twenty-five years. Bio.

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