America is now experiencing the greatest environmental disaster in history, The Massive BP/Obama Spill

What's going on here, who is responsible, and what are the facts?

This page links to some quick emails I put out about this, with citations.

At the present writing, the Mainstream News reports are muddled -- well, actually, there is little on the news, compared to 9/11, Katrina, etc.

There are reports that the Gulf is closed, that it's a "No Fly" zone for Aircraft, and that news access and even Congressional Delegations are being blocked from seeing and reporting what's going on. Obama isn't saying much except to use this crisis to push his legislative agenda. Obama's "War on Oil Spills" speech was one of the strangest ever given by an American President. Several States have said the Federal Government is blocking them from initiating their own cleanup efforts. Foreign offers of help have been refused.

If you learn anything, please pass it along. Meanwhile, here is what is currently known and verifiable. This is the largest environmental disaster in history, and how it is being handled and reported is, at best, very odd. So far the "mainstream" media is not holding Obama accountable.

Say what?
Part One
Who's fault?
Part Two
Frozen collusion?
Part Three
The Plot Thickens
Part Four
The End Game
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Part Six


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