Obama's War is on us, not the spill

The Spill in the Gulf Crisis is winding down, apparently. We are told that the spill is "fixed" -- maybe, sort of. It's difficult to know for sure. Leaks and seeps continue, but at a lesser rate. But, in any case, the clear signals from Washington are that this Crisis is over, at least for the time being. Let's look at where we are, as a postmortem. The objectives, as normal, are money and power. Obama's tactics, as normal, are to blame the private sector and reward cronies.

Blowout Act Is a Federal Power Grab

"The Obama Administration, abetted by Nancy Pelosi, is abiding by it's mantra, 'Never let a serious crisis go to waste,' and is using this 'crisis' to create an 'opportunity' to do things the American people wouldn't otherwise tolerate. Once again the Obama Administration is proving it only cares about advancing its (Far Left) ideological agenda."

Rep. John Shadegg (R. Arizona)

The Obama Administration was not and is not widely held responsible for the Spill. BP was carefully positioned as the confessed culprit. Most of the Public and most Republicans in Congress accepted this.

Here are few key Republican Comments. They omit holding the Obama Administration responsible for or complicit in the spill itself. The media was uncritical, even Fox. Compare this to how the Bush Administration was blamed for a Hurricane.



rainball How did Obama get a pass? This is a testimonial to the skill of the Obama Administration and its handlers (Podesta, Soros, etc.) have in managing and blocking public information, and the fact that the media is beyond bias. Since 2008 the mainstream media has largely been an extension of the Obama Administration. Journalists conspired to smear critics.

Glenn Beck: Media worse than thought:  <http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/43240/

* The Administration was distanced from the spill. Obama himself personally stayed distant, said little, and what he did say put all the blame on his Crony Capitalist, BP. (John Podesta, who managed the Obama transition team and selected the Czars, is the brother of Tony Podesta, BP's lobbyist. John Podesta now runs a Soros funded organization that helps plan White House strategy.)

* The management chain of The Department of the Interior's Materials Management Service "resigned" and were instantly whisked from sight.

* Obama set up a "Death Committee for Drilling" by executive order to distance himself behind a layer of unaccountable bureaucrats.


* The Materials Management Service itself was dissolved. "Poof." Now we have a new Bureau of Ocean Management, Regulation and Enforcement, with Draconian powers to limit drilling. It, along with the coast guard, may be the ONLY entity (other than BP) investigating the spill in the near future.


How would a Totalitarian Communist Government like the old Soviet Empire handle an embarrassment like Obama's oil spill? It would seal the area off. If it did let observers in, they would be "selected" and under the control of  government "minders" to ensure that they only reported what was permitted. The Administration is accomplishing this by the use of surrogates and "the nudge" -- Czar Cass Sunstein's methods. A Czar, not a court, decides settlements.

* Tours of the Spill Area must be requested in advance and are conducted under the careful supervision of BP, and on BP vessels and aircraft.

* The Spill Area is restricted. Only the BP tours allow close-up scrutiny.

* There are temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) that keep non-BP air traffic above 3,000 feet, which is too high to see anything. Violate this and you suffer severe penalties, including jail, fines, and loss of your license. One plane that did (a spray operation doing its job) was intercepted and escorted by armed fighters.

* Observers are restricted to stay 20 meters (66 feet) from the nearest rigs, boats, booms and other objects under penalties of heavy fines and jail terms. Reporters complain this isn't close enough to get good pictures or News coverage, and that they are blocked from the places they most want to see.

* Oil cleanup sights (including homes and private property) are off limits.





It will take years of research, investigation, and scientific work to assess the damage from this spill. It will take time even to independently verify the leaks are stopped. BP is buying up all the scientists in the area, and this work will be done under tight nondisclosure agreements and attorney-client privilege. Not only will the findings be sealed, but they will be sealed so tightly that not even a court order could allow disclosure or testimony (not now or ever). I never thought I'd be quoting Huffington Post, but even the Far Left is upset about this.



rainball Many suspect that the gross negligence and neglect that caused the spill might have been a deliberate ploy to get Obama's Cap and Trade Bill (Rationing and Taxing Energy) passed. If so, it didn't work. The public and Congress is getting skeptical of Obama's use of "crisis politics" to advance his radical agendas.

The BP rig explosion has caused the greatest oil mess in U.S. history, and
eco-activists are puzzled as to why they can't exploit it to advance
initiatives such as climate-change legislation. "It's hard to imagine a more
useful disaster," wrote two Washington Post environmentalist reporters,
noting a squandered opportunity.


Though it all, the public remains supportive of using oil and drilling offshore.



A Victory:
Obama has failed again to move his Cap and Trade forward, but Harry Reid is introducing other anti-energy legislation by the end of July. This is an excellent time for Congress to have an informed debate, including a nonpartisan investigation and a public report about the spill, before "solutions" are legislated and more deficits are incurred. The last thing we need is another bailout with taxpayer money, with those who caused the problem in charge of fixing the problem. Gallup's 2010 Confidence in Institutions poll finds Congress ranking dead last out of the 16 institutions rated this year.

Action: We must block Cap and Trade (Obama is desperate to pass it this year) and we should pray for a free election in November (this we got). Obama wants to do to energy what Stalin did to agriculture.

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