Obama's War is on us, not the spill
American's are putting up a great fight against the odds. It's now been almost three months. Oil continues to spew, but Obama -- thanks to a news shut down in the Gulf, cooperation from the media, and Obama's crony BP posing as the "bad cop" -- is escaping political blame and consequences. This can't last. November is key. At present it's likely Obama will lose the House and perhaps the Senate as well. Such an outcome will turn the tide. Without it, America loses.

More on the spill:
Joel Skousen's analysis of the Gulf oil spill is superb. It separates disinformation from fact and reveals how the blowout was caused by a decision of BP top management against the advice of its own engineers. Don't miss this

There is a strange stillness in the Gulf. The old media is silent except for babble about BP's intentions. This is a sideshow to divert attention. The stories we heard 24/7 during Katrina of public suffering and government bungling are conspicuously absent from the mainstream news this time. The fix is in.

Access to the Gulf is tightly controlled. The media and Congressional Delegations have been banned from observing the spill offshore. Access for boats and small aircraft is banned. There have been strange events reported -- e.g., the wife of an oil executive whose firm is active in the Gulf received a pipe bomb disguised as a box of candy and was injured. Glenn Beck has requested any close to the Gulf please report "odd events"  to <Becktips@foxnews.com>

What's next? Reed will attempt to pass a "new" version of Cap and Tax (under a different name) this month. He says it's a bill to fight pollution. The previous versions were labeled, respectively, as bills to 1) fight Global Warming, 2) limit CO2, and 3) promote energy independence, all of which were lies. It's a money and power grab.

Obama is determined to take over or destroy the energy sector. We can expect him to keep the Gulf and refineries shut down (previously reported and ongoing, aggressively) unless we acquiesce. This is Reed's fourth attempt to ration and control energy. We can and must stop him again.


The Cap and Trade assault will be coordinated with a Redistribution of Free Speech Rights. Everything possible will be done to pass this bill and to steal the November election. Climate Scientists opposing Cap and Trade have been black listed. The National Academy of Sciences, in its official journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has just published a list [http://www.eecg.utoronto.ca/~prall/climate/skeptic_authors_table.html].

Kagan, if appointed to the Supreme Court, will vote the Obama Agenda. Van Jones (Communist, STORM, etc.), the Black Panthers, ACORN, and SEIU can be expected to do what they do best -- voter fraud and intimidation, plus Saul Alinskly style demonstrations.  Unofficial "Brown Shirt" groups will employ violence and intimidation to silence opposition. The "old media" will cooperate as normal -- simply not reporting on events adverse to Obama's progressive agenda.  As with Arizona and the TEA Parties, entities that oppose Obama initiatives will be labeled racists and bigots. Opposition groups and corporations can expect attempted "redistribution" of their free speech rights. As Czar Sunstein has written, opposing groups will be demonized, infiltrated, and perhaps deemed violent and arrested.


The DISCLOSE ACT has already passed the house, and there are several bills and regulations now in process to control (or shut down) the Internet. DISCLOSE is a blatant attempt to selectively "redistribute" Constitutional First Amendment rights to free speech. Manchurian President gives a good picture of what is planned, or, if you prefer, The Overton Window, a novel, is a fast read with the same insights. If you prefer to focus on the Energy Takeover, Power Grab is your book.




The Endgame (2011 and beyond): If the Democrats keep control of Congress and get Cap and Trade passed, Obama will have "his boot on our neck." We have six months to go until The Largest Tax Hikes in History. In addition Obama's executive orders on carbon will likely raise gas prices to over $7/gallon by 2012, which will drive up food prices.
Stimulus Jobs


A recent CNBC interview (short, to the point, and on "the Obama network") about about the fears in the business sector.  Mr. Wynn sums up the feelings of a great many people.


2012 is the Obama slam down. Greece is this future. Not all taxes are listed in the above link. ObamaCare contained taxes on homes. Cap and Trade, a huge tax, hasn't yet passed and isn't included. It also imposes Green Police and Federal Licenses (section 304) that will drop home values by 20-30%.

If we don't prevent it, Obama will drive the Recession into a Deep Depression, there will be permanent high unemployment, and the Executive Branch will control Finance, Education, Health Care, Energy, and more.

Our cherished Rights will be exchanged for a dependency on the Government.

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Action: We must block Cap and Trade, and we should pray for a free election in November.
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