What's the real reason behind Obama's "War on Oil Spills" speech?

And just who is he declaring war on?




Follow Me Where? 
by Cal Thomas

President Obama's first address from the Oval Office can be summed up with a song lyric from the 1951 Broadway musical, "Paint Your Wagon":  "Where am I goin'? I don't know. When will I get there? I ain't certain. All that I know is I am on my way."

Trying to gain momentum he might have had in the initial days following the BP oil disaster, the president took aim at several targets. He is unlikely to hit any of them, with the possible exception of BP, which could conceivably be forced out of business if retribution becomes the goal. Liberals love to beat up on big business, but beating up BP to the point of bankruptcy will not only cost U.S. jobs, but also threaten thousands of pensioners in Britain.



This is one to get ready: The "Pearl Harbor" style attack to kick off Obama's war is scheduled for Independence Day!

Harry Reed is preparing a new attack to cram through Cap and Trade, with a vote demanded (on a bill that hasn't yet been written) by July 4, 2010. Please forward this note to at least half a dozen of your friends. I'll be sending you one of these informational notes every day or so. Cap and Trade (= Ration and Tax Energy) would create deep and lasting harm to America and the world.

This looks like another case of Obama's "using a crisis" for a power grab: More bad news for Americans. As this proceeds and useful action becomes clear, we'll be asking you to contact your Senators at the right time to block this. Citizens can stop this (again), if we all work together.

Next: Why should we call this Obama's Spill?

If you learn anything, please pass it along. Meanwhile, here is what is currently known and verifiable. This is the largest environmental disaster in history, and how it is being handled and reported is, at best, very odd. So far the "mainstream" media is not holding Obama accountable.

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